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Our dream is to build pure, sustainable ecosystems that will free humanity from its terrestrial bond.

Forget any preconceived notion of space colonisation being limited to cities huddled under glass bubbles on deserted planets.

We are developing practical and adaptable solutions that will allow us to push the very boundaries of civilisation as we know it.




Exploring new horizons

Revolutionizing space travel with our award-winning EKP and new flagship VOHLE engine technology.

Building infrastructure

Creating transitional infrastructure to colonise distant systems through our network of space base projects and the Tiqqun mobile superstructure.

Crafting ecosystems

Applying the knowledge we have gained from previous missions in our solar system to identify prime candidates for settlement.

Adaptation as a byword for progress

Following recent advancements we have made concerning molecular biology and genetics, we will ensure that future colonists are fully adapted to their new environment.

In 1978 Andrea Dolos founded the DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation, a company co-financed by the European Space Program, with the singular objective of establishing the first large-scale space habitat.
In pursuit of this goal, the company quickly made breakthroughs in a number of areas, but perhaps most significantly in the field of rocket propulsion.
With the arrival of Vanir Dolos as CEO, the company sought to become a financially independent organisation and in the face of mounting global catastrophes, began directing resources towards more universal concerns.
The practical application of DOLOS’ emergent technology across the globe represents a radical step forwards towards preserving humankind’s future.