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Vanir Dolos

Chief Executive Officer and Owner of DOLOS A.E.C.

An ambitious leader who prides himself on his ability to recognise true genius, a trait which has allowed him to attract an impressive array of talented personnel to the company.
Throughout DOLOS’ recent history he has demonstrated an aptitude for making
the right decisions during the most critical situations.

Leira Fraus


One of our most talented and venerated senior staff, Leira Fraus paved the way for many of the current members of the Marduk council. Together with her small team she developed the revolutionary EKP. Tragically, she lost her life during the 1997 Inner Heaven terrorist incident. However, her legacy lives on through the work of her long-time friend and colleague Phillip Stanford, who has continued development of her Vohle propulsion theory.


Communications and
Data Specialist

After spending years working as a senior analyst at some of the world’s largest big data companies, Emma has developed a keen knowledge of communication and data collection methodologies. She is also a regular contributor to THIRD EYE, a publication that discusses the principles and ethics of data management, surveillance and cyber security.



Giovanni Battista

Head of

Endowed with exceptional foresight and a sharp business acumen, Giovanni launched the hugely successful multinational concern Blue Care, at the age of just sixteen. The cryogenic facilities employed by Blue Care to preserve the health of patients unable to receive treatment through conventional means, have been further developed at DOLOS and are a core pillar of the company’s safety and containment protocols.

Rabia Nyokond

Head of Bioengineering and
Ecosystem Development

Rabia Nyokond’s expertise on adaptive genetics and ecosystems is unparalleled. Whilst some fringe agribusiness lobbies have labelled her methods as controversial, few can argue against the practical implications of her most recent studies.

Masaru Nihei

Lead Designer –
Torus Project

Visionary designer of the torus-class superstructure, Masaru Nihei works closely with DOLOS’ engineering division from his private R&D facility in Iceland. Reserved by nature, Masaru commands a quiet respect amongst his peers.

Abinav Munchi

Head of Biomedical
and Psychology

After founding Panacea, the most widely consulted online medical website in history,
Dr. Abinav Munchi was brought onto the Marduk Council to lead on projects that would combat global health crises emerging due to Earth’s collapsing ecosystems.

Philip Stanford

Lead Engineer –
Vessels and Infrastructure Project

Described last year in Ephemeris magazine’s expose of DOLOS A.E.C.
as the “brightest star within a remarkable constellation”
Philip works primarily on the design and development of spacecraft
and infrastructure employed across the company’s
various extraplanetary projects.

Henry Barjaville

DOLOS Ambassador

A talented artist, writer and philosopher, Henry Barjaville fulfils a unique advisory role within the Marduk council. A radical thinker who believes that the reconciliation of science and spirituality will lay the foundations for a unified humanity and a brighter future. Henry’s divergent perspectives have been widely discussed, and passionately debated, by political commentators, think tanks, and social media communities alike.