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Official DOLOS Statement Regarding Lunar-Clysmic Event

This correspondence is for DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation registrants; please read the information below for guidance.

On Tuesday July 13th 2049, a lunar-clysmic event occurred during the scheduled VOHLE Engine test launch. We are still investigating the details surrounding this incident.

In response to this lunar event, we have temporarily halted all ongoing DOLOS AEC operations and have engaged with the relevant government agencies to conduct a full and complete investigation. We have taken the critical first steps in ensuring a swift and rapid deployment of response measures.

Emma Klain of the Marduk Council has released a short statement to the press.

“DOLOS AEC will do whatever it takes to resolve the current Lunar crisis. Through our numerous programmes, initiatives and use of our cutting-edge facilities and technology, we have successfully combated those challenges that have threatened Earth before, and we will do so again.

Each member of the Marduk Council would like to personally assure you that we are doing everything within our power to implement effective solutions and counter measures. We are working with government and security agencies worldwide to complete a full and thorough investigation and DOLOS AEC appreciate your patience and support whilst these efforts are in progress.

We understand the focus on the Tiqqun Station, and VOHLE test launch at this time, and we are attempting to contact the station to resolve any outlying factors that may have arisen during the launch. Our organization is working around the clock and we aim to bring you further updates shortly. DOLOS AEC takes the safety and security of Earth’s residents very seriously and protecting Earth’s environments and inhabitants is our utmost priority.”

Please contact us at [email protected] should you have any concerns or queries.


DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation